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Cemeteries in Genesee Township, Whiteside County, Illinois

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22725 Pilgrim Road
Coleta, IL 61081

Ken Reins

Pam McKenna

Duane Trobaugh

Steve Elgin
Honesty Fowler
Marcia Ratliff
Craig Gebhardt

Dan Malooly
Jeff Sheehan
LaValle Sheehan
Cindy Sheehan


This website was completed in 2014 to allow members of the public to view records and search for family and friends buried in the cemeteries within Genesee Township, Whiteside County, Illinois. The information entered here is sometimes incomplete because of a lack of records, or missing or illegible information. We apologize for this as well as for any misspellings. If you are able to help us update information in any way, please contact us at

Published July 8, 2007, in the Daily Gazette:

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An appreciation award was presented to Verna Jacobs for her dedicated work and interest in the Genesee Township’s six cemeteries. She put together a book on each cemetery that included lots, deeds, and who is buried there. From l-r are Vicki Jacobs, LeRoy Duden, Irene Nusbaum, Jacobs, Ken Johnson, Kenny Reins, Carol Jacobs, and Bud Null.

Special Thanks

“THANK YOU” – Ken Johnson – President and Chairman of Genesee Township Cemetery Board.

You have made this Genesee Township Cemetery project a success. “Thank You” for letting me work on this project. You helped me every time I needed help, advice, etc. You had a great idea for this project and I did my best to follow thru on your great idea.

“THANK YOU” to you KEN and “THANK YOU” to everybody who helped in any way toward this Genesee Township Cemetery project.

We are proud of the result. I know there can be improvements, additions, corrections, etc. on this Cemetery project and we are going to continue to work on this Genesee Township Cemetery project.

Verna Jacobs

A Special Thanks to Verna Jacobs

The Genesee Township and community cannot thank Verna Jacobs enough for all she has done. She has taken the maps and lists created and saved by Wayne and Vonda Shank and expanded them. Verna has spent 2 years of her time and money creating maps and cross referencing names by searching through records to create this book. Verna will tell you it is not perfect, but it is close. This is not the finished product, but an ongoing production. It is a giant leap forward. To truly appreciate this work, one must see what Verna had to work with.

The words ‘Thank You’ is not nearly enough to show our appreciation, but it is all we have to give.

Thanks again,
Ken Johnson, Cemetery Board President
Irene Nusbaum, Treasurer
Vicki Jacobs, Secretary
Ken Reins & Harold (Bud) Null, Trustees

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