Genesee Township Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Genesee Township, Whiteside County, Illinois

east Genesee cemetery
east genesee cemetery

East Genesee Cemetery Maps
Row numbers start in Southeast Corner
Numbers from South to North

Notice of Approval of Claim for Exemption from the Licensing Provisions of the Cemetery Care Act, July 28, 1964

Quit-Claim Deed, March 1, 1955

East Genesee Cemetery on Genealogy Trails

Newspaper articles

Other list of burials
It is not known where this list came from.

drawing of church

East Genesee Church

East Genesee Church & Cemetery
This documentation and information was provided to Irene Nusbaum, Supervisor of Genesee Township, from papers of Raymond and Iola Hammelman. Revised 2006.

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