Genesee Township Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Genesee Township, Whiteside County, Illinois

Genesee grove centeral
Genesee grove centeral

Note: Also has been known as Genesee Grove Central and Coleta Cemetery.

West Genesee Grove Cemetery Maps
Graves numbered South to North

Notice of Approval of Claim for Exemption from the Licensing Provisions of the Cemetery Care Act, July 28, 1964

Quit-Claim Deed, March 1, 1955

West Genesee (Central) Grove Cemetery on Genealogy Trails

Names of people who have markers as of June 2001, prepared by Lisa Schwab & Jennifer Slaney
This document contains names of people who have markers. This cemetery was inventoried in June of 2001. This book has been donated to Genesee Central Cemetery, Sterling Public Library, Whiteside County Genealogical Society. By Lisa Schwab and Jennifer Slaney. We apologize for any spelling errors and mistaken dates. We did our best to verify this information.

Newspaper articles

Handwritten note certifying of survey/subdivision

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