Genesee Township Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Genesee Township, Whiteside County, Illinois

peugh cemetery
peugh cemetery

NOTE: Also has been known as Christian Cemetery.

Peugh Cemetery Maps
Graves numbered South to North

Notice of Approval of Claim for Exemption from the Licensing Provisions of the Cemetery Care Act, July 28, 1964

Quit-Claim Deed, March 1, 1955

Peugh Cemetery on Genealogy Trails

Newspaper articles

January 1, 2006
You will find that equal sized lots may not have the same amount of graves.
I had to number the graves according to the spacing. You will find some graves are very close and some spread out. The numbers of the graves are a guideline — not a rule.
We have very few records of who owns the lots and graves. Keep in mind years ago the cemetery was sold by lots. Now it is sold by graves.
Example — Lot 62 — the only record we have is the name HERMAN PEUGH. There are no burials on this lot. In my opinion, this lot is probably SOLD. We have no records but the family may have records.
Peugh Cemetery is fairly full but there are graves available. I personally would avoid burying anyone in these AREAS unless they are a family member. Make sure you look for ownership or permission before you do the burial. Also make sure you probe because someone may be buried in the lot that we don’t know about.
Be careful — this could come back on you — CEMETERY BOARD AND TOWNSHIP BOARD if you are wrong.
Ken Johnson
Cemetery Board President & Chairman

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